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Griffith University health placement support hub - full
page build

This section of Griffith's website is one of the most-visited. The HPSH team wanted to make the flow of the website easier to use, as students need to complete a large number of tasks to be compliant for health placements.

The project took about 4 months, with over a hundred hours of work on 35+ subpages of the site. I was in contact with various members of the HPSH team to ensure all necessary items were in the right place on each specific page (Nursing, Midwifery, etc.).


Some highlights of the project included:

- Designing a custom decision tree to help direct visitors on the homepage

- Sourcing about 50 images to make the site more engaging

- Doing a test run with students, who were given an iPad and short survey

The true value of the site will be evaluated after new students go through the placement process and offer feedback, but it was overwhelmingly positive during testing and after the launch.

Click on the image or visit the Health Placement Support Hub page.

Griffith University - Shared transport full page
concept & build

Griffith's Sustainability group requested a new page build for shared transport initiatives on various campuses. They initially requested a section on the homepage, which would not have been best practice for SEO purposes and also would have created a very long homepage.

They were happy with my recommended design. I worked with the stakeholders to source imagery, copywriters to put together custom copy, and designers to create the PDF maps for parking.

Click on the image or visit the Shared Transport page.

artisan colour - full site build
Artisan Colour site.png
Digital Content and redesign

I spearheaded the redesign of the Artisan Colour website. The old website was a single page, with very little information about the company, and no examples of the company's large format and catalog printing work.

The new site highlights Artisan's broad range of services and features a blog. I collected images from Artisan's archives and took more when they were needed. I wrote most content on the site with input from the owners and department heads. My proudest achievement was getting the staff new headshots, so customers can see who they're working with!

I also spent time managing ArtisanHD, Artisan Colour's fine art printing side, and all of the associated social media.

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